I am a self-taught watercolour artist who was drawn to painting through a desire to express my wonder at and experience of the natural environment. 

North-West Tasmania has been my home only since August 2010. For the previous 30 years I lived in the Northern Territory – in Darwin for most of that time and outside Batchelor near Litchfield National Park for the final 8 years. 

Moving to the ‘bush’ near Batchelor was new for me having only lived a town life. I loved the native flora and fauna, the sounds of nature and peace. It was this new awareness of my environment that kindled my desire to somehow express my experience.For some reason I chose watercolour painting as the medium.As I lived 115kms from Darwin, I set about acquiring books, magazines and materials! This was a challenge but also a creative and interesting journey which I continue to pursue. 

It was working in the bush with my partner John, then an exploration geologist, that introduced me to many native flora particularly eucalypts. While John was checking out rocks I was checking out the trees and plants taking numerous photographs ‘for later’. I fell in love with the intricate and varied barks, as well as their foliage and blossoms. 

I began concentrating on the different patterns and textures on the trunks as well as investigating individual flowers and seeds.

My hope still is to paint some triptichs of bark, leaves and flowers from the one native  tree. I have already fallen in love with the Tasmania white and blue gums among many other trees and flowers and leaves – not to mention the seasons and the colours and the mountains and the sea! So much to see and explore it is almost overwhelming! 

My hope is that my wonder and awe of nature’s beauty can be expressed in my paintings and that this in turn will encourage others to notice how incredible the colours and patterns of nature can be.  

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About this painting: 

About this painting: 

Autumn Leaves - Sheffield


About this painting


About this painting:  

About this painting:  

About this painting:  

About this painting:  

Amyema Sanguineum – Mistletoe

"Flowers of Love" - 340 x 520mm unframed;

740 x 555mm Framed - $865 

These frangipanis were collected from the tables after John's daughter's wedding. The perfume was amazing and they looked so lovely all snuggled up to each other. They are a beautiful reminder of a wonderful occasion and a different way of painting this flower. 

Rebuilt WW ll Chapel on Coomalie Farm – Monochrome 

410 x 290mm unframed; 620 x 505mm Framed $490 

This chapel was rebuilt by the owner of Coomalie Farm and some of his students on the site of the original chapel built by RAAF 31 Squadron during World War ll at Coomalie Airstrip. It is the same specifications and design and won a national award in the 1990's. 

Pink Hibiscus - 590 x 519mm unframed; 

830 x 750mm Framed - $895


This painting was part of an exhibition called "Same But Different" where a friend and I painted the same subject but in different mediums. I used watercolours and she used acrylics. The results were amazing and really different. 

Autumn Leaves - Sheffield


Red-flowering Kurrajong - Brachychiton paradoxum

570 x 370mm unframed; 755 x 565mm Framed - $895

 These flowers come out in the bush during the dry season when the rather large leaves have fallen off. They are so beautiful to see in the bush when everything is so dry and sometimes burnt. 

Leichhardt Tree Flower - Nauclea orientalis

380 x 570mm unframed; 565 x 750mm Framed - $865

 This Leichhardt Tree was flowering when we were working on La Belle Station at the end of 2008. The flowers are so beautiful and there were so many along the branches! Our tree flowered for the first time this year over all the branches which was exciting. When you look up from under the tree you see all these balls of blossoms and leaves caught by the sun. The flowers don't last very long so you have to catch them - like many native flowers really.  And when you do it is a great sight! 

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