KINDRED FEIJOAS - Hello and Welcome! 

We are Christine and John who came to Kindred, NW Tasmania, at the end of August 2010 after living in the Northern Territory for around 30 years. John was an exploration geologist and Christine was his field assistant and an emerging Watercolour Artist.

Kindred Feijoas is our little patch of paradise. The two-acre property is nestled amid the rich soils and famous vegetable farms of the area and boasts 96 feijoa trees. We look out on fields of potatoes, poppies, carrots and pyrethrum among other crops and some paddocks of cattle and sheep. Native bushland is also close by with lots of mountain backdrop – such is beautiful Tasmania.

The orchard was about 5-7 years old when we arrived and had been planted as seedlings. There is a mix of varieties and the trees are now mostly about our height. Last year was the first fairly good crop – about 350 kilos – and this year has been amazing! We had collected about 250 kilos by the end of May and the fruiting season lasts til August! We expect over one ton this year.

It seemed a good semi-retirement idea to keep us occupied and healthy and provide some work for Christine so we had to learn quickly about feijoas! What are they; what can we do with them; how do we eat them and how do we use them??

We worked on the orchard tidying, clearing and fertilising. The trees already had a number of trunks so we couldn’t prune them back to one as commercial growers do. John did some pruning after the fruiting last year with the intention that we didn’t have to crawl underneath to collect the fruit this year. (Mind you we still had to do a bit of that because of the new growth!!)

Christine set about making jams and chutneys and selling them at the Devonport Farmers Market and the Axeman’s Hall of Fame under the name Earthy’s Kitchen Delights. She also makes gluten-free cakes and slices and other goodies using the fruit. Our kitchen is licensed through the Central Coast Council.

This year we managed to also sell our fruit to a few local vegie stores and some have taken the preserves as well. We are planning to promote these further throughout the North-west and other Tasmanian regions.

Some of our fruit went to a local winery last year to try some feijoa wine which we have just tasted. The end result is a great dessert wine. John also pulped some feijoas for wine which he has just bottled. It is drier and also delicious. This year we hope to make more as we experiment with another recipe.

Christine has also made feijoa ice-cream and recently feijoa topping for your pancakes, plain ice cream and other puddings. So now we have jam, jam with ginger, jelly, two chutneys and topping! These products along with the baking all go to the markets, as well as the fresh fruit when in season and the ice-cream in summer.

The signage for the property has now been completed ready for farm gate sales through appointment only. Kindred Feijoas will be in the coming Tasmanian Fruits Farm Gate Guide put out by Fruit Growers Tasmania Inc. We are the first feijoa growers in the Guide so we hope to hear from you all soon!

We appear to be the only orchard of feijoas in Tasmania and our hope is to share the wonderful secret which is feijoas with everyone! A great article in the NW Advocate Newspaper on June 8th (Link on Homepage) was very helpful in introducing our orchard to Tasmanians. We were also included in the Saturday Magazine of the Mercury on 29th June when the Tassie Town featured was Kindred.

The word is getting out! Feijoas are ‘coming out’ in Tasmania!